Erie Canal Harbor, NY

The underlying philosophy of our practice can best be summed up with three words: Place, Perspectives, and Partnerships.

We understand that communities live and their heritage survives when their economies thrive, and we believe that the preservation of that heritage can be a stimulus for place-based, long-term prosperity.

We believe in the power of place to shape our understanding of ourselves, our forebears, and our culture, as well as the culture of others both past and present. We seek to unlock this power of place by understanding how the relationship between the natural world—topography, water, soils, vegetation, wildlife—and the built world—roads, buildings, communities, cultural landscapes—has been shaped by our ever-changing ideals, economies, and technologies. Only through this understanding can the authenticity and integrity of significant places be preserved. And only through this understanding can we arrive at a responsible balance of the protection of natural and cultural resources with recommendations for their future use, development, interpretation, and stewardship.

We respect the diversity of people and perspectives that have continuously shaped land and communities. We recognize that individuals may interpret the significance of historic places differently, depending upon their own unique heritage. We respect the knowledge, insight, and unique perspectives of those who know and live in our communities and value them as key contributors to our project work.
We work closely with our clients and their partners to forge the vision, broad-based consensus, and dynamic relationships that make success possible. We understand it is through partnership and cooperation that communities thrive and enhance their quality of life.