Historic Chestertown, MD

Heritage Strategies principals have worked together for more than fourteen years on a wide range of planning and design projects. As close friends, they share a commitment, philosophy, and strong work ethic that result in a dynamic, creative, fully collaborative working relationship. As professional colleagues, their separate but interrelated disciplines of planning, landscape architecture and architecture guarantee a breadth of vision and perspective. Heritage Strategies offers a unique blend of professional competence and personal touch.

Peter Benton

Peter C. Benton, AIA

Peter is a registered architect and planner with more than thirty years of experience in the design and execution of architecture, planning and preservation planning projects. For the past twenty-five years, Peter has served as project architect, principal preservation planner, senior associate, and associate director for John Milner Associates, Inc., nationally recognized leaders in historic preservation. At JMA, Peter had primary responsibility for the firm’s planning and heritage development projects. The primary focus of his work has been the recognition and respect for the character and historical evolution of buildings and the landscapes in which they are located. More about Peter's experience >>>

Krista Schneider

Krista L. Schneider, RLA, LEED-AP, ASLA

Krista Schneider is a licensed landscape architect with more than ten years of professional experience. Previously employed as a historical landscape architect with John Milner Associates, Inc., Ms. Schneider has conducted a wide range of landscape planning and design studies throughout the United States involving national parks, heritage areas, historic battlefields, and communities. Her academic experience includes teaching design studios and planning classes at the University of Kentucky where she served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and as an associate faculty member in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation. Ms. Schneider has also received awards for her design work and published a book and several articles about landscape design, planning, and preservation. She is a graduate of Penn State and Harvard University, as well as a former officer in the US Army Quartermaster Corps.


A. Elizabeth Watson

A. Elizabeth Watson, AICP

As an independent consultant since 1993, Elizabeth Watson has worked in more than a dozen heritage areas, which combine regional planning with resource conservation, tourism development, and community education initiatives. She has also worked on greenway initiatives, including a statewide plan for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and many other projects that combine historic preservation and land conservation. Elizabeth has been the part-time executive director of the Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area on Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 2002. She is also the co-author of Saving America’s Countryside: A Guide to Rural Conservation (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997, 2nd ed.). This book grew out of her earliest working experience, when she worked for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Rural Program. She has also worked for the Land Trust Alliance and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, and is the co-producer of the 1992 award-winning film made for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Chesapeake: Living Off the Land. She is currently at work on another book, Lasting Landscapes, as a James Marston Fitch Fellow.